South West NHS Pay Cartel

What is the Pay Cartel?

20 Trusts orginally set up a Cartel (also known as the South West regional pay consortium) to fix pay, terms and conditions and to create a regional pay system.  Each Trust paid in £10,000 of public money to pay for consultants to look into plans to set up regional pay.  Now 13 Trusts remain in the Cartel.  This plan would take affected South West healthcare staff out of the nationally negotiated Agenda for Change terms and conditions.

UNISON has been fighting these proposals because we believe they are bad for patient care, bad for the NHS and bad for staff in South West England.

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Quick guide to Trust Board decisions

This is the definitive quick guide to who's in the cartel and wants to have their cake and eat it (leave the door open to implement the cartel's recommendations), who's out (these Trusts have confirmed they will adhere to nationally negotiated terms and conditions and not return to the cartel), and who's yet to decide. 

IN the cartel

OUT of the cartel

Decision to be made/ Awaiting confirmation

Somerset Partnership


UHB - Awaiting confirmation


North Devon 

North Bristol - Awaiting confirmation


Dorset County 

Salisbury - Pending confirmation.  Trust Board meeting took place on 8 April 

Taunton and Somerset


Great Western - Decision yet to be made.  Trust Board meeting 25 April

Royal Cornwall

Dorset Healthcare 

Plymouth - Decision yet to be made.  Trust Board meeting 12 April 


RUH (Bath) 

Gloucester - Decision yet to be made.  Trust Board meeting 26 April 


Devon Partnership

2Gether - Decision yet to be made.  Trust Board meeting 29 April


UNISON is willing to work in partnership with these Trusts to help them deal with their financial pressures in a way that doesn’t threaten quality of care. But we will not stand by and let this cartel rip up our nationally negotiated terms and conditions. We believe that NHS staff and their patients deserve better.

We need you to help to defend patient care, your pay, and your terms and conditions. We need to all fight together for the NHS we know and love.

"We believe the cartel's approach is simply a cost cutting exercise which will affect the quality of services."

"The consequences for the region will be disastrous; skilled health workers will be driven out of the region, taking money out of the local economy, and deepening the healthcare postcode lottery."

 Helen Willis, Regional Manager


The South West NHS Pay Cartel:  it's not right, it's not fair, it's not good for the South West

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UNISON are working hard to represent their members and raise awareness.

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